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Carpenter, cabinetmaker, I make my know-how available to your projects

Finally find a craftsman for your small jobs related to wood carpentry whether they are renovation, repair or manufacturing, various installation... My listening and my expertise will be your ally. 

So, here is a non-exhaustive list of wood-related services:

  • Custom project manufacturing in workshop & delivery + installation

  • Wooden shutter, Gate, Fence, Terrace, Interior door ...

  • Supply & Installation of wooden, parquet, chipboard, osb floors

  • Floating and flexible floor (Linoleum)

  • Sanding & varnishing of solid parquet

  • Repair of your solid wood joinery

  • Renovation & Painting your interior woodwork & exterior

  • And many other examples on simple request...

Opposite: Manufacturing in progress of a custom stair railing in solid chestnut and stainless steel



Daily service of all kinds

You have a Repair & Various renovation of your home, but the project does not interest a craftsman?


. I carry out your repair and renovation work with the experience, know-how and customer service you deserve.

  • Various interior/exterior painting work on all supports

  • Changing your PVC gutters

  • Roof repair on annex only (garage, shelters)

  • Broken single or double glazing and canopy to renovate

  • Insulation of your lost attics

  • Wooden fence repair

  • Furniture renovation repair

  • And others on simple request


Do not hesitate to call me for more information or to schedule an appointment.



Glazing, break-ins, water damage, hail

Don't go without a quote for too long, the processing time for certain insurance & / or their expert can lie down easily. Contacting me is the assurance of being supported in your claim by your company, and if necessary even during the expertise meeting. 

It is also the priority management of your work linked to the security of your home, thus, shutters, glazing and doors will be reinforced or repaired as soon as possible in order to keep a property in the best possible condition and avoid unnecessary additional damage.

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